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    Betsy is a happy girl. She loves hot chocolate and she knows how to comb her hair all by herself. But sometimes Betsy is contrary and she gets angry. Or sad. Or naughty. Betsy is a little different every day. Like all of us!

    Discover this beautiful story app about daily life in early childhood. Written about and for toddlers, and published since the 1970’s.

    Get to know the first interactive digital edition of this beautiful children’s literature modern classic! The reading experience, made especially for tablets and smartphones, is innovative and surprising.

    You can listen to the story or record it with your own voice so your children can listen whenever they want. Or let them record with their own voices! Not to mention you can also play with Betsy virtual doll whenever you like.

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    • Have fun with an innovative reading experience, with a surprising and fun interface and navigation.
    • Record the story so your children can listen whenever they want
    • Or let them record the story with their own voices, transforming reading into a fun activity, and practicing reading fluidity.
    • Play with Betsy and its virtual doll whenever you want.
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    The app also contains a very funny game that allows users to play with the Betsy whenever they wish. The little ones can dance with Betsy, feed her, and do physical activities. She won’t let anyone stand still!


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    Editora Caixote Webcore Games

    By the same producers of “So Many Butts!”, “Tiny Great True Stories”, “My Night Job” and “Crianceiras” .